Asian Languages, In-house! Japanese, Malay, Thai Translation
SEATONGUE is a leader in the field of into culture localization and translation for the Asian markets. Our services provide a bridge between our clients and the most rapidly developing regions in Asia. This gives their products the head start they need to be launched into these dynamic markets. Read more
Quality Matters
As quality is our cornerstone, we have established all the possible measures to ensure that we meet all our client’s quality requirements, measures that we always stick to. We constantly strive for improvement in our performance in pursuit of this objective and to enhance our client’s satisfaction with our Translation and DTP services. Read more
Our Customers
SEATONGUE has gained sound experience and expert knowledge of the Asian markets through our long experience in handling Translation and DTP projects for a wide variety of major market players. We are proud to serve YOU. Read more
Language Spectrum
What makes SEATONGUE different is not the number of languages we translate but the amount of language pairs we are working in. We are keen on providing our Customers with the range of languages to boost their business in the region. Read More
Sector Specialisation
Translation in Information Technology - Telecommunication - Travel and Tourism - Automotive - Consumer Products - Marketing - Life Science/Medical - Business - Legal/Patent - Manufacturing - Educational - Military - Read more
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Translation is the key component of any localization process; correct usage of the presenting language gives a client confidence in the quality of a product or service. The language used in translation should always accurately and completely convey the meaning of the source material, taking into account the style and cultural nuances of the target language, rather than just being done on a word-for-word basis. Read more

Multilingual DTP

When localizing products for foreign markets, factors such as cultural and linguistic group tastes have to be considered, as the preferred appearance of graphics, colours, icons, and images, and even fonts and bullets can be culturally dependent. So when you choose a partner to localize your valuable publications, you should make sure that you find one that has the right experience and skills to produce a perfect. Read more

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    SEATONGUE is a major translation company based in the dynamic South East Asia region. We provide full translation, language support, and localization services, not only for documentation, but also for websites, software, and hardware localization.
    We are known for providing high quality into culture localization\translation services through our specialized work with the following industries: IT, Telecom, Military, Automotive, Energy, Healthcare, Education, Medical, Media, and many others. You can therefore rely on SEATONGUE to also offer you the accurate, quality, into culture localization\translation you are looking for. read more