The Booming Automotive Industry in Asia

Over the last 12 years, or slightly more, the worldwide auto industry has been going through the biggest transformation it has undergone in its history. With North America and Europe still the biggest global markets, the continent of Asia is increasingly gaining a bigger share of global car sales. More importantly, Asia is now the only major market projected to witness continued strong growth in the years to come.

Further, Asia has over the years gained an impressive reputation as the home to some of the planet’s major car manufacturers. Therefore, the auto industry, which comprises the manufacturing of cars and spare parts, is now becoming a core industry for many Asian economies.

Translation Services for the Automotive Industry

There are two factors that are typical features of the auto industry. It’s both highly competitive and highly global. So, what does this mean and what is its significance?

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive areas worldwide, and the reasons are clear. Customers always seek the latest makes, the latest models, and the most cutting-edge technologies ─ while expecting that more and more personalized services should be readily available in the vehicles they buy.

As a result of this tough competitive situation, auto companies have long been focusing on boosting their financial base and reinforcing their brand image by increasingly expanding into new overseas markets. With this, a single vehicle may have its research and development conducted in one country, manufacturing in another country, while purchasing and servicing carried out anywhere across the globe! With supply chains distributed across multiple nations, the entire automotive industry is becoming more and more globalized. This is where automotive translation services come in!

In order for people who speak different languages and belong to various cultures to work on and buy cars, automotive translation services have become the driving force that empowers auto businesses to navigate this process down the road, meet the changing global customer demands and, thus, grow their global revenues.

What Types of Content Does the Automotive Industry Translate? 

A professional translation services agency that works with clients in the auto industry is expected to translate and localize a broad array of materials, including, but not limited to:

·        Website Content

·        Owner’s manuals

·        Engine repair manuals

·        Parts reference manuals

·        Maintenance manuals

·        Shop repair manuals

·        Motor repair manuals

·        Service manuals

·        Training manuals

·        Warranty documents

·        Vehicle Specs

·        Cooling system specs

·        Battery assembly instructions

·        Assembly line instructions

·        Transmission user guides

·        Exhaust system installation guides

·        Automotive component repair guides

·        Engine repair guides

·        Warranty documents

·        Brake system documentation

·        Production documents

·        Product packaging

·        Marketing materials

·        Catalogs

·        Patents

·        Internal corporate communications

·        User interface

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