Why SEAtongue become an industry leader in the field of translation and localization for Asian markets:

Although there are many translation service providers nowadays, choosing which one is the best for you among the many accessible services is not an easy matter. There are many translation agencies that easily claim that their company is the best translation company out there, but you need to be vigilant and be able to filter out information that is not necessarily true.

In this article, we will discuss, using concrete evidence, why we can say that SEAtongue is the best Professional Translation Service Company in Asia.

1) 12 Years’ Experience

SEAtongue has succeeded in becoming the best translation company and has become a leader in the translation industry in Asia. It has been 12 years since the establishment of SEAtongue in 2009 and  SEAtongue continues to maintain the quality and level of client satisfaction since its inception. It’s not a stretch for us to say that there are  646+ satisfied clients thus far. Our clients also come from various industries ranging from Automotive, Manufacturing, Medical, Oil & Gas, to Games, Software, and many more.

SEAtongue also conducts a very strict selection in selecting all its professional translators, and service development is also carried out in every sector that supports translation activities, starting from the Review System, Project Management, Quality Assurance, and many more steps.

2) 332 More Language Pairs

SEAtongue’s achievements have also been underpinned by an unrivaled resource of in-country native Asian Language experts, who are prepared to serve the client-centric Asian translation and localization needs that are fully integrated into all industries, all languages, ​​and in all formats to suit all the client’s needs. SEAtongue is a dynamic global business in the modern digital era.

The languages that SEAtongue serves include:

CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) Languages, SEA (South East Asia) Languages, ME (Middle East) Languages, and SA (South Asia) Languages.

3) ISO 17100 Certified

SEAtongue, as one of the best translation and localization companies in Asia, has achieved ISO 17100. Obtaining the ISO 17100 certificate is a confirmation of the quality of services provided by SEAtongue. Over the past few years, SEAtongue has earned the trust of customers from all over the world and has become the leader of the translation market within the Asian continent.

Developed in 2015, ISO 17100 is a simplified case manager that simplifies interactions between clients and translators by ensuring that important files are backed up safely and easily retrieved when needed. With its ability to minimize errors and customer complaints, this system has a myriad of benefits for users and clients including increased efficiency, increased security, and superior overall quality management.

Certified translation services include:

  • Commissioning and translation work
  • Correction and reviewing
  • Contract requirements and project management
  • Traceability of the translation process

4) Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

SEAtongue also offers software engineering, quality assurance, project management, and multilingual DTP services, ensuring the sovereignty of the translation market which requires providing all types of translation services that companies need, in which SEAtongue offers.

SEAtongue offers a dynamic client-centered Multilingual DTP service. From the outset, when the project is undertaken, SEAtongue will allocate a dedicated Project Manager who will take the client’s goals and visions and match SEAtongue’s resources appropriately to the client’s needs. SEAtongue has built an unrivaled in-house resource of Asian linguists to ensure localization is the foundation of the solution.

DTP (Desktop Publishing) is at the heart of many business functions in our modern technology world. It can be an important factor in training, lead generation, sales, online and offline marketing, networking, and project management. As a company’s business grows and is located in new regions and countries, published material must be accessible to global employees and new target markets.

An effective Multilingual DTP service must provide more than just excellent linguists. SEAtongue manages projects considering the skills required to take each client through the full content cycle from writing, design, formatting, and printing.

SEAtongue services include:

  • Font and layout setting
  • Graphic editing
  • Content tagging
  • Data conversion
  • Xml. Publishing
  • Content management
  • And many more

To provide an amazing, precise, and highly localized Multilingual DTP service, SEAtongue uses all the latest DTP platforms and tools such as:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • WebWorks
  • In Design
  • Microsoft Office
  • MS . Publisher
  • Frame maker
  • Corel Venture
  • Interleaf
  • Illustrator
  • Page Builder
  • Quark
  • Photoshop
  • And many more.

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SEAtongue makes your business more accessible through our world-class translation and localization services. Whether it’s documents for business meeting preparations, slideshows, or reports that need to be highly accurate, SEAtongue has the potential to secure you a much-needed business deal in that beautiful country. Call now and turn your business into a successful business, like a business that seems like a native Malaysian business the Malaysian market.

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