Medical Translation Services Are as Important As COVID-19 Drugs and Vaccines ─ Here’s Why

It happened in the past and is similarly happening in the present. Pandemics wreak havoc across nations, people and communities ─ spreading disease and obviously showing that communication is one of the most important weapons to fight the calamity.

Do We Have Lessons from History?

Absolutely. In 1918, the world tragically was hard hit by the Spanish Influenza pandemic, which infected around 500 million people, one-third of the global population and took the lives of about 50 million people, 2% of the population of the planet at that time.

In 1918 and afterward, the real lessons were clear to all.  The catastrophe taught the lessons of unity and communication. Governments all over the globe learned the hard way that they had to deal with global pandemics with a new approach, and from this wisdom emerged quite new policies and new institutions, including the World Health Organization (WHO). It was clear that from then on, organizations like WHO and others would be carrying out the new global task of analyzing, researching and sharing all the data related to any pandemic with scientists, researchers and medical executives all over the world.

Everyone at that time back in 1918 and afterward came to the conclusion that it was all about data and the importance of distributing this data swiftly among all the parties concerned ─ to medical institutions, hospitals, research units and universities across the globe.

Everyone, as a result, realized that to achieve this, all relevant information should be translated with precision, accuracy and speed. So, everybody came to understand the strategic role of medical translation services.

The Role of Medical Translation Services

Dr. Wioleta Karwacka, a medical expert at the University of Gdansk, has said it outright putting everyone face to face with our responsibilities in these hard times. According to her, the role of professional medical translators is now vital to “facilitate communication and provide translated versions of medical documents (regulatory documents, scientific papers, patient forms)”. And she’s absolutely right.  

According to other medical professionals who are now combatting the pandemic and helping the infected people all over the planet, the need for medical translation services is becoming more and more dire, urgent and desperate. So, what does this mean?

It simply highlights the vital importance of translating and localizing the true COVID 19 news stories and updates. Let’s admit that there’s a flood of fake news circulating online about coronavirus – from false health tips to sheer lies about government plans. It’s, therefore, the duty of global health institutions, news agencies, media outlets as well as trustworthy social media influencers and celebrities to make sure that the fake news is ignored and the true news is communicated across countries and cultures.

On a related level, medical translation services should be top on the list of the elements of any coordinated global response to the current COVID 19 pandemic. Let’s admit it. Medical professionals, virus researchers and scientists across the planet will be able to conduct worthwhile studies on finding therapies and vaccines for the coronavirus only when all the relevant research, analyses and other documentation has been accurately translated and circulated on a global scale. Knowledge ─ and sharing knowledge is power, isn’t it?

In other words, and in a blunter way, when we become capable of translating and distributing medical research, medical analyses and medical data swiftly and precisely among the global research community, we’ll then, and only then! be able to respond to this global pandemic smartly, professionally and with success.

Significantly, it’s not the healthcare sphere only! What about the pandemic’s subsequent social impact?  What about the consequent economic disruption? The odds are both effects will be mitigated through a quick and precise translation and distribution of the factual information ─ that would help companies with their business continuity efforts and also help people with their efforts to work and live in accordance with the new models of life and work (social distancing and working remotely).  

How to Select Your Vendor of Medical Localization Services?

All said, it’s important now to know that when it comes to the areas of people’s health, people’s daily lives, business, and the overall economy, the challenges posed by the current pandemic will be overpowered, among other things, by the partnership of medical institutions, the media, and governments with professional providers of medical translation services.

Why SEAtongue?

It all starts with the human factor of the equation. At SEAtongue, medical translation projects are conducted only by expert mother-tongue linguists who have many years of relevant expertise in the deepest recesses of the medical translation sphere. Experience matters!

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These global brands rely on our medical translation services for the translation of a wide diversity of content, including healthcare leaflets, regulatory compliance documents, experimental data, medical notice information, pharma research, reports and training manuals, patent consent forms, applications, information leaflets, records and reported outcomes, as well as medical journals, medical news, medical research findings and updates along with many more.

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