Is China a large promising economy for companies to do business? And to enter and beat the competition in the Chinese market, do you need Chinese translation services? 

In reply, why not let facts speak for themselves? 

In 2017, the Chinese economic growth was USD 23.12 trillion, the largest in the world. So, do you still have any doubts that China’s miracle is only in the overall economy, away from the corporate sector? Okay, take this: China has a retailer that is larger than Walmart and Amazon ─ Alibaba!

Not yet convinced? Okay, take this: China has the second-largest number of billionaires, second only to the USA. 

Need more evidence? Take this: Not only billionaires and millionaires but also the middle class. The average household income in China has increased by over 400% in 10 years.

Think it’s just a state-controlled economy and this kind of stuff? No, take this: Chinese consumers spend USD 73 billion on luxury goods each year!

Given all these facts and figures, if you wish to take your business to the largest market in the world, it’s important that you partner with a Chinese translation company that provides you with English to Chinese translation in Singapore and vice versa. But should it be professional? 

Professional Chinese Translation Services in Singapore

Whether you need English to Chinese translation in Singapore, or Chinese to English translation services, we’re the Chinese translation agency of choice for hundreds of successful businesses that require our unique solution in the 3 following categories:

1- Simplified Chinese

We provide Simplified translation services for the speakers of Simplified Chinese in Singapore, China, and Taiwan. 

2- Mandarin

We also deliver projects that involve native Mandarin, a dialect which is the native language of 950 million people. Mandarin is the only recognized official language in China and is also spoken in Taiwan. Importantly, it’s the language used by international companies in business and marketing.

3-Traditional Chinese

Also, we provide translation services in Traditional Chinese, which is preferred in Taiwan, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Industries we serve

Many industries have been, over the past decade, relying on our Chinese translation services in Singapore. The sectors we support include medical/biotech, automotive, industrial manufacturing, consumer electronics, IT/software, and many more.


Many biotech companies rely on us to receive accurate translations of their materials, which involve the following types of content:

·        Product websites

·        Product approval packets for various regulatory agencies

·        Patents

·        Informed consent and case report forms

·        Scientific publications

·        Health and safety manuals

·        Promotional materials


In an industry where the auto company may conduct the research and development in one country, manufacture the products in another country and then sell them across the world, hundreds of car companies choose our Chinese translation services in Singapore, relying on us for translating content that includes:

·        Catalogs

·        Product packaging

·        Training manuals

·        Automobile manuals

·        Service manuals

·        Marketing materials

Industrial manufacturing

SEAtongue is a leading vendor of English to Chinese translation in Singapore and vice versa, helping industrial and manufacturing firms across the globe. The content our company translates include:

·        Material safety data sheets (MSDS)

·        Agreements & contracts

·        User manuals

·        Training & HR materials

·        Operating instructions


Want your software product or IT services to go really global? Well, at SEAtongue we take pride in delivering an all-inclusive, integrated, seamless Chinese translation solution that makes it happen ─ finally making your software accessible and optimized in Chinese.  

Consumer Electronics

Working in the consumer electronics industry? Tough, isn’t it?  Extremely globalized? You always need to work with manufacturers, distributors, vendors, suppliers, existing customers, and potential clients that are all scattered across the four corners of the world. Also, it’s tough to succeed in such a highly challenging, competitive environment.

Therefore, you need to select the right partner, especially when it comes to Chinese translation services in Singapore. SEAtongue is one of the few translation vendors that understand the intricacies and the challenges that face the entire consumer electronics industry. Therefore, we provide superior translations of such content as:

·        User manuals translations

·        GUI and instructions translations

·        Online help translations

·        Marketing materials (labels, product catalogs, brochures, pamphlets, websites, multimedia)

·        Advertising and promo campaigns translations

Why SEAtongue?

Over the past 12 years, SEAtongue, as a renowned Chinese translation company, has become the translation partner of choice for many companies for a number of reasons.  

  • From automotive, semiconductors, electronics, aerospace to industrial equipment, telecommunications, textiles, and other industries, our translators are subject matter experts who have extensive expertise in all these sectors. Therefore, our corporate customers are always sure that they will receive the highest-quality translations – at affordable prices.
  • Besides, SEAtongue is a full-service Chinese translation agency that offers a full suite of language services in 357 language pairs. 
  • Using the latest technology across the entire language services industry, we translate and localize all types of content, software, website content, as well as marketing materials.   
  • Last but not least, our quality assurance system is second to none. Before we deliver any translation, the whole project is meticulously reviewed by our team of experts to ensure that we are offering the finest English to Chinese translation in Singapore and the other way around.

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