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A leading translation services and localization provider in Selangor, SEAtongue Selangor is known for providing a high quality of Asian localization and translation services through our specialized work with the following industries:

  • Asian IT Translation Services in Selangor.
  • Asian Telecom Translation Services in Selangor.
  • Asian Military Translation Services in Selangor.
  • Asian Automotive Translation Services in Selangor.
  • Asian Energy Translation Services in Selangor.
  • Asian Healthcare Translation Services in Selangor.
  • Asian E-learning Localization Services in Selangor.
  • Asian Medical Translation Services in Selangor.
  • Asian Media Translation Services in Selangor.
  • and many others.

You can, therefore, rely on SEAtongue to also offer you the accurate, quality of localization and translation services you are looking for.

All of our Asian translation services in Selangor, processes and systems are certified to ISO17100, the new standard in translation services which simplifies the interaction between client and translator by ensuring that important files are safely backed up and easily retrieved when needed. With its ability to minimize errors and customer complaints.

Selangore translation services

Asian Translation Services in Selangore:


Translation is the key component of any localization process; correct usage of the presenting language gives a client confidence in the quality of a product or service, taking into account the style and cultural nuances of the target language, rather than being done on a word-for-word basis. Read more


For our business clients at SEAtongue, we provide a dynamic service whereby software, websites, packaging, marketing literature, and other content. It ensures that diverse cultures, dialects and unique communication customs are taken into account at every level of the translation process. Read more


When localizing products for foreign markets, factors such as cultural and linguistic group tastes have to be considered, as the preferred appearance of graphics, colors, icons, and images, and even fonts and bullets can be culturally dependent. Read more

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