experience and clients

Professional training, sound processes and systems, a dedicated client support and linguistic skills over a range of services, industries, and technologies are the essential building blocks of a successful Asian translation company. What makes SEAtongue unique is we have over 12 years’ experience which we have used to hone and streamline our services.

Since our company was established in 2009, SEAtongue has gained sound experience and intimate knowledge of the Asian localization market, through our handling of a variety of projects for a wide variety of clients. We have utilized our unique history, learned from our experience, and profited from our efforts; all this culminates in our ability to offer one of the finest services in the region.

We work with a variety of industries

Our experience allows us to offer Asian translation services across a huge variety of industries including:

  • Asian IT Translation Services.
  • Asian Automotive Translation Services.
  • Asian Telecommunications Translation Services.
  • Asian Engineering Translation Services.
  • Asian Consumer electronics Translation Services.
  • Asian Marketing Translation Services.
  • Asian Medical/biotech Translation Services.

We work with high profile brands

We are proud of the fact that we the localization partner for high profile global brands.

  • Microsoft; IBM; Dell; NetApp; Sparta Systems
  • Nokia; Samsung; LG; Sony Ericsson
  • BMW; Ford; Caterpillar; Mitsubishi
  • Bosch; Siemens; DuPont
  • Epson; Sony; Nikon; Canon
  • Expedia; Yahoo
  • Abbott; Varian; Pfizer

Translation Services Solutions:

Based in the heart of Southeast Asia we have skilled language managers for all the major South East languages and as well as providing excellent customer care we monitor all our processes and systems. In this way, we ensure you receive a high-quality linguistic service based on your customer needs, budget and deadline.

  • Translation: including editing, review, proofreading, TM creation, Terminology management, alignment, quality assessment and transcription.
  • DTP: including Typesetting/layout, graphics editing, content tagging, data conversion, content management.
  • Engineering: including software localization, e-learning localization, conversion, linguistic testing, software testing, help engineering, flash engineering.

Over the past 12 years our experience has allowed us to review our systems and processes in order to continue to improve our translation services and build a review system into the infrastructure. As a SEAtongue, client you can be safe in the knowledge that all our translators go through a rigorous selection process. The service is monitored by our dedicated project managers to the point of delivery when there is a series of reviews and error analysis reports.

In this way, we listen to our clients and use our experiences to give you a service that is customized to your needs, is updated to meet the needs of a digital world and is constantly streamlined for the ultimate solution.

SEAtongue is an Asian translation company and a leader in the field of culture localization and translation. To speak to one of our consultants.