Why is the demand for Japanese translation services progressively growing in Singapore? Is Japan a country to invest in, to do good business in? And does Japan’s economy have good prospects?

The answer is overwhelming!

  1. At the macro-economy level, Japan is a highly developed free-market economy, the third-largest across the globe by nominal GDP and the fourth-largest by purchasing power parity
  2. Tokyo has the world’s second-largest foreign-exchange reserves ─ USD 1.3 trillion!
  3. At the micro-economy level, the picture is much brighter. The Nikkei Stock Average (the stock market index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange) is the world’s third-largest stock exchange by market capitalization. 
  4. In 2018, Japan was the world’s fourth-largest importer and the fourth-largest exporter. Japan ranks 29th on the Ease of doing business index and 5th on the Global Competitiveness Report.

If we need any more evidence, let’s conclude by the fact that Japan is the world’s third-largest consumer market, the world’s third-largest automobile manufacturing country, and has the largest electronics goods industry. Also, Japan is teeming with people who spend money on your products and services, with a GDP per capita of around USD 38,490.

Given all these crushing facts, it’s obvious that smart businesses in Singapore require our services as a Japanese to English translation company that helps Singaporean companies in a wide range of diverse industries ─including IT, automotive, oil and gas, steel production, etc. ─ to extend their footprint and beat the competition.

Professional Japanese Translation Services in Singapore

We, at SEAtongue, know how frustrating it is for a successful business to receive a poor translation. Therefore, to carry out your projects, we handpick translators who are experienced, and fully qualified to deliver Japanese translation services in Singapore with top quality and strictly on time.

Specially selected for their reliability and experience, our translation team members are proficient in using the latest translation software, so that we guarantee to give you the highest quality of work. This is what our clients describe as “professional” Japanese to English translation that makes the real difference.

Industries we serve

Automotive, IT/software, industrial manufacturing, consumer electronics, medical/biotech. Whatever the sector you’re a part of, our team comprises language specialists who have solid experience in your industry. These are some of the industries we serve:


Software and IT businesses that wish to stay on top of the game always partner with us as their Japanese translation agency that will adapt their content materials for global distribution and use.

Our Japanese translation services Singapore include a broad range of documents, such as procedure manuals, software, specs, procedures, service contracts, e-learning materials, websites and many more.

Consumer electronics

In an industry that is extremely competitive, our clients in the consumer electronics sector rely on our Japanese translation services Singapore to make or break their business and to attract their audiences across Singapore.

The industry is special, as most consumer electronic devices that we currently use – MP3 players, smartphones, GPS devices, etc. ─ are quite new to consumers, and therefore it’s important for producers to partner with a Japanese to English translation company that fully understands the challenges that face them.

At SEAtongue, we translate many types of content, including:

1.      Training manuals

2.      Instructions and protocols

3.      Sales literature

4.      Audio/video recordings (transcription and captioning)

5.      Intra-company correspondence

Medical / Biotech

Our industry-specific professional translators have been, over the last decade, supporting biotech and medical firms by providing superior Japanese translation services in Singapore for a broad range of content including medical reports, hospital records, informed consent forms, medical charts, clinical trials and many more.

We translate a wide range of content including:

1.      Patient consent forms

2.      Patient debriefing and follow-up documentation

3.      Outcomes research documentation

4.      Patient outreach documents

5.      Medical research documentation

Industrial Manufacturing

At SEAtongue, our expert team of industrial manufacturing translators is versed in this field where accuracy is essential, where professional translations will protect both your production and your profits while also ensuring the safety of both your workforces and customers.  We translate a broad range of content, including:

·        Feasibility Studies

·        Manufacturing and Engineering Articles

·        Patents and Patent Applications

·        Product Specifications

·        Service, Maintenance and Policy Manuals


It’s a special industry, Automotive. Everyone in the world is passionate about cars. So, auto businesses are expanding into new markets to target new audiences. What about automotive translation services? We’re the choice for the industry leaders, with our superior translation of many types of content, including

  •  Automobile Maintenance Manuals
  • Motor Vehicle Service Manuals
  •  Engine Repair Guidelines
  •  Electronic Instrumentation Diagrams
  •  Vehicle Workshop General Arrangement Drawings

Why SEAtongue?

Our clients in all industries rely on our translation services from and into Japanese. Here’s why:

  • A mix of two advantages comprising affordable rates and fast turnaround times. This is the end result of hiring professional linguists who use the latest translation technology. No coincidence! We have the talents that guarantee the best rates and fastest delivery.
  • High-quality standards. We have the expertise and experience to provide our corporate customers with the best quality Japanese translation services in Singapore. We never compromise the accuracy of our translations.  
  • Proven track record. In addition to being trusted by many prominent companies worldwide, our clients always come over to us again and again. A large part of our business comes from repeat customers.

To convey your corporate message across the Singaporean market, contact us today for a free quote