Burmese Translation Services

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The Burmese language and translation

Burmese is spoken as a first language by 32 million people and belongs to the Southern Burmish branch of the Sino-Tibetan languages. It is the primary language of Myanmar – the country formerly known as Burma and is also spoken in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand and the United States of America. Throughout Myanmar there are various dialects such as Beik, Mandalay Burmese, Yangon Burmese and Yaw. Due to the fact that speakers of the language have been in contact with other cultures, the spoken form of Burmese has been influenced by Portuguese, French, English and Dutch speakers.

In contrast the written script is influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism. It is an adaption of the Mon script which in turn derived from the Brahmi script of India. Consequently because the written word was designed to represent the Indo-Aryan language it is not ideally suited to meet the needs of the Burmese language.

Why choose SEATONGUE?

From the moment you contact SEATONGUE you will be allocated a Project Manager who will match our quality and flexible services to provide a customised and unique solution which precisely meets your vision and goals. Localisation is at the heart of our work and we are proud that all of our linguists are in-country and in-house native Asian translators.

We provide solutions for all formats for translation of the Burmese language:

Based in the heart of south East Asia we have skilled language managers for all the major South East languages and as well as providing excellent customer care we monitor all our processes and systems. In this way we ensure you receive a high-quality linguistic service based on your customer needs, budget and deadline.

How do I get started?

Fill in the form on our website giving us a brief idea as to what Burmese translation services you are looking for. You will then be allocated a Project Manager who will consult with you and get to know your requirements in more detail.