Khmer Translation Services

With more than 10 years’ experience in the Asian translation industry, SEATONGUE has become renowned as a company which offers robust and superior services to its loyal business clients. Based in the heart of South East Asia, SEATONGUE is well-placed to provide quality Khmer translation services at competitive prices and with impressive turnaround speeds. Because all our processes are client centred we can not only provide services customised to our customers’ needs, we are flexible enough to work with all industries and niches, and offer services across all formats.

The Khmer Language

With approximately 16 million speakers and the most widely spoken language after Vietnamese, Khmer is the official language of Cambodia. Although considered an isolating language in its structure it has been influenced by other neighbouring languages and cultures such as Thai Burmese, Lao and Vietnamese. It is unique however in that it is not a tonal language. Words are stressed on the final syllable; hence many words conform to the typical Mon–Khmer pattern of a stressed syllable preceded by a minor syllable.

There are many Khmer dialects which are mutually intelligible but can be markedly different in their make-up (see in-country, in-house native translators below). There are three distinct dialects: Standard Khmer which is taught in Cambodian schools and used in the media; Northern Khmer refers to the dialects spoken in the border provinces present day northeast Thailand; Western Khmer spoken in the Cardamom mountains; Phnom Penh Khmer which is spoken in the capital and Southern Khmer which is spoken by the Khmer population in the Mekong delta.


How do I get started?

Fill in the form on our website giving us a brief idea as to what Khmer translation services you are looking for. You will then be allocated a Project Manager who will consult with you and get to know your requirements in more detail.