Kurdish Translation

Language Name: Kurdish
Other Names of Kurdish: Kurdî
Kurdish Language Varieties:
Written Script of Kurdish: Kurdish alphabet (Arabic script) in Iraq and Iran and Latin alphabet in Turkey, Syria and Armenia
Kurdish is an Official Language in: Iran, Iraq, Armenia
Kurdish is spoken in: Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan,
Kurdish Number of Speakers: 30 million people speak Kurdish
Kurdish ISO Code: ku, kur


  • In its written form today “Kurdish” has two regional standards, namely Kurmanji in the northern parts of the geographical region of Kurdistan, and Sorani further east and south.
  • Another distinct language group called Zaza-Gorani is also spoken by several millions of ethnic Kurds today and is generally also described and referred to as Kurdish, or as Kurdic languages, because of the ethnic association of the communities speaking the languages and dialects.