Turkish Translation Services

SEAtongue specialises in Turkish translation services. With over 12 years’ experience in the industry, we have built up a network of highly trained in-house linguists, business partners and satisfied clients across the world. Because we place our customers at the centre of our practice we are able to offer a unique customised solution whatever language, industry, or specialist knowledge may be required.

About the Turkish Language:

  • Language Name: Turkish
  • Other Names of Turkish: Türkçe, Türkisch, Anatolian
  • Turkish Language Varieties: Turkish is a member of the Oghuz group of languages, a subgroup of the Turkic language family. There is a high degree of mutual intelligibility between Turkish and the other Oghuz Turkic languages, including Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Qashqai, Gagauz, and Balkan Gagauz Turkish.The Turkic languages were grouped into the now discredited Altaic language group.
  • Written Script of Turkish: Latin alphabet.
  • Turkish is an Official Language in: Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Cyprus
  • Turkish is Spoken in: Turkey, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Northern Cyprus, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.
  • Turkish Number of Speakers: 77 million natives with a total of 160 million speakers of Turkish worldwide.
  • Turkish ISO Code: tr, tur.

Turkish Translation Services Solutions:

Based in the heart of Southeast Asia we have skilled language managers for all the main South East languages and providing excellent customer care we monitor all our processes and systems in this way, we ensure you receive a high-quality linguistic service based on your customer needs, budget and deadline.

  • Translation: including editing, review, proofreading, TM creation, terminology management, alignment, quality assessment and transcription.
  • DTP: including typesetting/layout, graphics editing, content tagging, data conversion, content management.
  • Engineering: including software localization, e-learning localization, conversion, linguistic testing, software testing, help engineering, flash engineering.

Turkish Translation Services:

Our Turkish translators have a variety of experiences so that you always have someone perfect for your project. With each project that we have to ensure accurate Turkish translation service, we cautiously select the team of  Turkish translators who specialize in the field of expertise. With our large pool of specialists, you never have to worry as we have specialized experience in all fields. Here is just a sample of the work that we specialize in:

  • Turkish Documents Translation Service
  • Turkish Legal Translation Service
  • Turkish IT Translation Service
  • Turkish Automotive Translation Service
  • Turkish Medical Translation Service
  • Turkish Technical Translation Service
  • Turkish Game Translation Service
  • Turkish Telecommunication Translation Service
  • Turkish Heavy Equipment Translation Service
  • Turkish Healthcare Translation Service
  • Turkish Financial Translation Service
  • Turkish FMCG Translation Service
  • Turkish Oil and Gas Translation Service
  • Turkish Pharmaceutical Translation Service
  • Turkish Tourism Translation Service
  • Turkish Mobile App Localization Service
  • Turkish E-learning Translation Service
  • More