What is MTPE?

Machine Translation Post Editing MTPE is a smart attempt to find a solution to an intense, long-standing debate about what is more important for translation: quality, volume, or cost. And there’s never been an easy answer to this age-old problem!

Companies had always to choose between keeping high quality with low cost at the expense of volume, or accepting high cost for the sake of high quality plus high volume, or, lastly, foregoing quality to get high volume and low cost.

Left with these 3 bitter choices, businesses had not been satisfied until the advent of the magic solution ─ MTPE service. So, what is it?

In a nutshell, MTPE is the result of close collaboration between man and machine in the field of translation. Machines produce high volumes of translated content and then human linguists embark upon reviewing this material to finally come up with content that strikes a balance between volume, cost, and quality.

With this, businesses finally get the magic result of a large volume of content, translated at a relatively low cost, with a fairly high level of quality. Blessed is the man-machine teamwork!

What Are the Benefits of MTPE and When to Use It?

MTPE would be a great option for a company if their goal is to have a large volume of content translated in a short time. Plus, Machine Translation Post Editing would be good for a business that requires just what we call “rough translation”, where quality is not a very important issue. It happens with many companies in scores of situations!

When it comes to the benefits of MTPE, we can say that volume is the first one. The Machine Translation Post Editing service usually produces large volumes of content that is translated faster than human translators. This is because post-editors usually work only on proofreading the machine-translated content rather than starting from scratch. So, productivity is higher and the turnaround time is faster.

More importantly, MTPE costs much less than human translation. Time is money, and human translation simply takes more time.

Why Choose SEAtongue Services?

For more than 12 years, hundreds of clients have voiced their opinion about why SEAtongue is their pick for MTPE services. Let’s however look at some of the reasons.

1-Perfect Man-Machine Integration

At SEAtongue, we believe in taking advantage of the man-machine integration in the field of translation. Therefore, we offer our top-notch corporate clients, in a wide array of industries, with expert MTPE services that provide them with fairly accurate translations at competitive prices.

Moreover, we are one of the few translation agencies in Asia and the world that use the human-machine translation combination in a way that preserves our client’s brand identity. With our MTPE content, your brand image is still safe and standing out!

2-Reduced Turnaround & Cost

It’s, however, important to note that we improve turnaround times and reduce costs by harnessing technology. Automating all our translation processes, we also use the most advanced translation management system TMS and the latest computer-assisted translation CAT tools. With this, the fast turnaround time and reduced cost have become a way of life!

3-Bespoke Service

Besides, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all service. SEAtongue takes pride in delivering a diversity of MTPE solutions that depend on each client’s project.

4-Premium Project Management

Also, Project management is paramount at SEAtongue. From the outset, we allocate a dedicated project manager to ensure that your objectives are achieved and our resources match your needs.

5-Rigorous Quality Assurance

Last but not least, our superior quality assurance system is guaranteed by the ISO 17100 certificate which we have achieved as a confirmation of the high quality of the service we’ve been delivering over the past decade.

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