It’s special, different, highly technical, and crucial for many businesses, sectors, and industries.

Manufacturing Translation removes language barriers to support the manufacturing industry’s global effort. But what is making this type of translation so central and vital?

The industrial manufacturing industry is global by nature. The manufacturing process of transforming raw materials into products is currently taking place across several countries, continents, and languages. It often happens that a manufacturer gets raw materials from one or several countries, spare parts from other countries, whereas they conduct the assembly phase in other territories. The earth is round!

 So, with manufacturing businesses conducting their operations in multiple countries, functioning under a multitude of languages, and expanding into more and more global markets, how on earth will they coordinate the communication points down the road?

We’ve got a lot of HOWs here! How will manufacturing companies overcome language barriers through the processes of manufacturing, assembly, distribution, marketing, and sales? How can they harmonize communication across borders? How will they cooperate with foreign workforces and overseas distributors? How will they be able to target new audiences who speak multiple languages?

This is where manufacturing translation services forcefully come in ─ to give the manufacturer an audible voice in the global marketplace across all countries and languages.

What Types of Content Does Our Manufacturing Translation Cover?

Manufacturing translation services provide manufactures with efficient cross-cultural communication between companies, divisions, and individuals ─ by accurately translating a broad diversity of materials, including:

·        Website Translation

·        Product Specs

·        Product Catalogues, Packaging, and Labelling

·        Health and Safety Instructions & Documents

·        Material Safety Data Sheets

·        Service, Maintenance and Policy Manuals

·        User Manuals and Operating Instructions

·        Engineering & Manufacturing Articles

·        Patents and Patent Applications

·        Technical Reports

·        Training Materials

·        Regulatory Documentation

·        Call Center Interpretation

·        Site Surveys

·        Digital Interfaces

·        Marketing and Sales material

·        Feasibility Studies

·        Textbooks

·        Brochures

Which Industries Benefit from Manufacturing Translation?

And now, it’s time for an important question.  Which industries will manufacturing translation services help? Let’s dive deeper, mentioning some of the major ones.


From manufacture to design, repair, sales, marketing, and other functions, auto businesses have to make the most of the international car market’s steady, unceasing expansion? In doing so, they need to efficiently communicate with global partners, distributors, workforces, customers, and many other stakeholders all over the world. This is where manufacturing translation services come in.

Across the automotive industry, translation usually covers a wide array of materials including website content, electrical engineering manuals, electronic database files, training & user manuals, catalogs & brochures, auto warranty books, and many more types of content.


When it comes to an industry that is global by nature, aerospace businesses always need to effectively communicate in different languages across all business operations and processes.

Aerospace companies, therefore, have to partner with expert manufacturing translation services providers to ensure the professional translation of such materials as technical manuals for global workforces, website content for foreign audiences, technical specs for international orders ─ in addition to multiple file types, such as ATA 2100, ATA 100, AvP 70 documents, RFPs, CAD Files, AvP 70, MIL Specs, AECMA 1000D and many more types of industry-specific materials.

3-Industrial Equipment

In such a highly competitive and strictly regulated industry, it’s mandatory, both legally and ethically, for companies that deal with industrial equipment on an international scale to produce highly accurate content that explains how their machines work, and how they should be used and maintained. These companies must ensure that all users all over the world are safe when they use their machinery.

Therefore, players in the industrial equipment market usually outsource professional manufacturing translation services that cover a broad range of materials, including operation & maintenance manuals, patents & legal documents, installation guides, technical documentation, website content, online help & FAQs, marketing materials, quality assurance manuals, safety & hygiene procedures, training materials, and many other types of content.

4-Consumer Goods

In an industry that is growing nonstop, consumer goods businesses need to effectively communicate with multilingual target audiences by providing accurately translated materials that resonate with them.

Hence, consumer goods companies should partner with professional agencies to translate a wide array of documents, including website copy, advertising copy, marketing materials, packaging, catalogs and brochures.

That said, we might still wonder why businesses in these industries should partner with professional providers of manufacturing translation services.

Why Choose SEAtongue?

So, why do clients have been relying on our manufacturing translations services over the past 12 years?

Is this related to our rock-solid experience in this field of translation? Is it because we deliver this service within a suite of integrated language solutions that stand out from the rest? Do clients trust us because of SEAtongue’s impressive reputation for fast turnaround time, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support? Maybe all of these reasons?

Importantly, at SEAtongue, there’s a big promise! The company has been, from day one, committed to delivering high quality. Fully aware of the relation, in this industry, between translation accuracy and the safety of people, we’re keen to deliver the highest level of quality in the entire translation industry.

Further, we consider project management as important as professional translation. So, regardless of the size of our client’s project or the industry they’re in, we always provide them with a fully dedicated project manager who ensures that you’re looked after round the clock.

Last but not least, it’s our policy to take your data security very seriously. We follow the strictest standards of data privacy all over the world.

Our team is always ready to answer your queries and provide valuable advice. Contact us today for a free quote.