Asian Translation Project Management

At SEAtongue, we pride ourselves on the fact that all our Asian translation services are client-centred. In this way, we can customise our systems and processes to meet the precise requirements of our loyal customers.

Quality Translation Services

In order to provide the highest quality translation services, each unique assignment is allocated to a project manager. The project manager is the interface between the clients and the project team. It is their role to ensure that all the most appropriate and cost-effective resources are utilized for each project, that all our client’s requirements are met, and that the work between all of the team members is coordinated to ensure a timely delivery of quality projects. At the end of each project, they will ensure that the product or service you receive is reviewed. In this way, we can streamline our services for the future and so continue to provide an ever-improving service for our customers.

Your Dedicated Project Manager

Our professional project manager will work with you or your agency to ensure you receive a quality translation service. After a thorough assessment of your project and your unique customer needs he/she will delegate your project to the appropriate translator who not only has the specific language skills (i.e. native tongue to a region or country and Asian translation skills) but also has background knowledge in either your industry or genre.

The project manager will take into account the specific translation needs. For instance, it may be:


The project manager will liaise with our resource management team to locate the most suitable linguist who has the required capabilities for the assignment.

At SEAtongue we want to make sure you enjoy an unparalleled experience when you use our services and will naturally consider using our Asian translation services again. When the service has been delivered to you we want to hear your feedback so we can eliminate weaknesses and build on strengths. Our project managers will also:

  • Facilitate a quality error report analysis.
  • From the outset use what we call the “3w rule whereby quality control is managed and strengths and weaknesses in the system are identified by knowing who did what and when.
  • Apply a rigid quality management process which includes reviews from the relevant project managers themselves, and language managers.


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