Translation Services Quality assurance

Established in 2009, SEAtongue translation services have become synonymous with quality, flexibility, precision and localization. As an Asian translation company we may be relatively new to the translation industry but in less than 12 years we have become a leading name with a solid network of contacts and clients across the globe.

Quality controlled translation services

We believe our success has been due to the fact that we provide a comprehensive service covering all the elements and needs for translation in the modern world from linguists and DTP, to engineering and corporate software. But most of all we have always, and will always, focus on putting our client first. We have streamlined our client-centred processes and internal structures to present the highest quality translation services which are monitored and reviewed to enhance quality in the future.

The quality control measures adopted by SEAtongue ensure that we go further than simply meeting all the applicable regulatory requirements. By placing the client at the center of our processes and constantly reviewing and monitoring our systems and outcomes, we know our Asian translation services will continue to get better and better and that our loyal clients will continue to receive a superior product.

How we guarantee a superior service?

  • SEAtongue always uses in-house linguists from native countries and regions to ensure unparalleled localization services. Training and standards can be monitored as all of our linguists are in-house.
  • All of our linguists go through a rigorous selection process. Our project managers and language managers’ work together to find the most appropriate Asian language translator for your project.
  • We use a system we call the “3w rule”. From the beginning of any project up to the day of delivery, our project managers control quality and identify strengths and weaknesses in the system by knowing who did what and when.
  • To ensure a streamlining of systems and processes, SEAtongue applies a rigid quality management process which includes reviews from project managers, language managers as well as feedback from the client.
  • We look further than the most appropriate skills in Asian translation. We also take into account factors such as knowledge or background in a particular industry or genre.
  • After translation, SEAtongue will facilitate a quality error report analysis.