Multilingual DTP Services

DTP (Desktop Publishing) is at the heart of many business functions in the modern technological world. It can be an essential factor in training, lead generation and sales, online and offline marketing, networking and project management. As corporate business thrives and locates in new regions and countries, it is essential that published materials are accessible to global employees and to the new target markets.

Customised to your specific business requirements

With over 10 years’ experience in the Asian translation industry SEATONGUE offers dynamic client-centred Multilingual DTP services. From the outset, when we start to work on your project, you will be allocated a dedicated Project Manager who will take your goals and visions and match resources precisely to your needs. We have built up an unparalleled resource of in house Asian Linguists to ensure localisation is fundamental to the solution we provide.

Linguistic, content design and publishing skills

An effective Multilingual DTP service must provide more than just superior linguists. We will manage your project by taking into account those skills needed to take you through the full content cycle of authoring, design, formatting and printing.

Our services include:

This is not an exhaustive list – our goal is always to customise our resources to meet the needs of our clients.

In order to provide stunning, precise and highly localised Multilingual DTP services we use all the latest platforms and DTP tools such as:

Again this is not an exhaustive list but shown to give you a flavour of the broad set of skills we can call upon at SEATONGUE.

Your guarantee for a quality service

Intrinsic to our Asian translation services, our monitoring services ensure that all stages of the content cycle are error free. Throughout the translation process and especially during the editing phase of the content cycle an error report for translators will be prepared both to ensure the highest of standards and as a benchmark for the future. In this way you can be assured that your finished product will be of stunning quality and indistinguishable from original texts in meaning goal and context.

How do I get started?

We can help you move forward with your global project. Fill in the form on our website giving us a brief idea as to what services you are looking for. You will then be allocated a Project Manager who will consult with you and get to know your requirements in more detail.