Localization is an essential component within a translation service. It ensures that diverse cultures, dialects and unique communication customs are taken into account at every level of the translation process. There is no place in the world where those issues are more challenging than the Asian region and so for our business clients at SEATONGUE we provide a dynamic service whereby software, websites, packaging, marketing literature, and other content, are adapted to resolve the operational and linguistic challenges that venturing into new markets in Asia creates.  

“SEATONGUE provide an unmatched resource of in-house linguists across Asia”

Our Multilingual Publishing Group (MPG) has risen to meet that challenge and we now have the resources to handle every aspect of the localization process, from content design and authoring to formatting and final delivery. This gives SEATONGUE the competitive edge over other companies in the region.

Website localisation

As marketing in the business and commercial world continues to be driven by technology clients can be generated from anywhere in the world at the click of a button, but if that software or application is not user-friendly to a global audience a business is losing money from the outset. Once your internet presence is localised you can truly focus on geographical sub-sets of your target market. Not only can your website be localised as far as language is concerned but it will also take into account culture and response attitudes specific to that region.

Software localisation

Global business may also use the same in-house computer systems across many different countries and regions and so it is therefore imperative that employees are able to access systems easily. SEATONGUE have become experts in software localisation and also takes into account the manuals, brochures, packaging components which are needed to give software a local face. This also includes Multilingual DTP services whereby training and marketing materials can be localised to meet regional requirements

e-learning localisation

e-learning is now an accepted part of education and training in schools and industry. SEATONGUE offers the software skills and unparalleled Asian translation knowledge to allow a business to create training courses online to meet the needs of every locality and region where the coursework may be needed.

Mobile localisation

Mobile phone communications have changed the way people interact in the 21st century. As well as making the internet and social media available anywhere, businesses can make contact with prospective clients and customers on the other side of the world in seconds. As with websites, both the front end and back end of the UI needs to be formatted to meet the needs of the user’s specific region.

With all of our localisation service we ensure each product is tested before use. At SEATONGUE you can rest assured that we test how functional it is in every region you have localized it for, and how much support is needed for it to deliver immediate value to the end user or consumer.

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