Asian Localization Testing

Every company or business needs to ensure its products and services meet the needs of its target market. At SEAtongue we have developed our Asian translation services so that translation and localization testing is an intrinsic and fundamental element of the services we provide. We believe that it is only through committing our translation services to full open analysis that we will continue to provide a superior service to our loyal customers and constantly streamline our systems and solutions in the future.

Asian Testing Services

Formulated models for software testing

All our translated documents are subjected to the intense scrutiny of our teams of editors and proofreaders, so we can guarantee them all at the level of orthography, syntax, semantics, terminology, and cultural discourse. We have also formulated standard models for testing software programmes and website pages and so are able to ensure that solutions meet the highest standards of turnkey technology, flexibility, and scalability.

Monitoring from the outset of your Asian translation project

Each of our client’s projects is allocated to a dedicated project manager who will oversee all unique requirements so you can be assured that the project manager will match the needs exactly to your project brief. During the translation cycle itself, an error report will be facilitated to guarantee the highest of standards and act as a benchmark for the future.

Where there has been a need for our localization engineers to be involved in the checking of the product, analysis is far more involved as we need to test how functional it is in every region you have localized the specific software for and how much support is needed for it to deliver immediate value to the end user or consumer. Our testing would include such digital tools as spell checkers, voice recognition functions, and search engines. SEAtongue would also check rules and regulations of each country and region for boundaries pertaining to distribution.

The finished product must be market ready and so testing would also include:

  • UI testing
  • Verification testing
  • Market ready analysis


Enhancing our translation services in the future

After the translation service has been issued error reports are combined to create a quarterly error report and a subsequent analysis takes place. Further training of linguists or other roles within our services may be considered. It is also at this stage that we will receive perhaps the most important review – the client’s feedback.
It is with this information we will be able to make corrective/preventative actions and update documentation.

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