Technical translation services are a particular type of highly specialized translation for a diversity of technical content. These technical document translation services should be carried out only by experienced, professional technical writers who have a deep understanding of the subject along with extensive expertise in the proper and most relevant writing conventions and terminology.

Technical translation services ─ Are they important?

If you’re a business that has technical or scientific content, it should be communicated to your customers in their language – in a manner that’s both accurate and clear.

To convey the messages of your company to your customers, you shouldn’t partner with any technical translation agency to provide you with technical document translation services. No, you need an experienced technical translation agency, whose translation team should have an in-depth knowledge of your products as well as your industry and should also be known for accuracy in terminology in addition to an efficient workflow that guarantees tight quality control.

In other words, you need professional technical translation services! What are they?

Professional technical translation services in Singapore

In the simplest of terms, we, at SEAtongue, deliver technical translation services in Singapore which you require when your company wishes to launch a product or device not only in Singapore but also in the Asian market.

In fact, SEAtongue hires one category of linguists only, namely translators with backgrounds in technology and science. Why? Simply because neither SEAtongue nor our clients can accept inaccurate or poor translations in an area that must be distinguished from other fields of knowledge by the highest level of precision.

Therefore, our technical translation team is able to translate technological, engineering, and other technical materials with the utmost precision and consistency.  

Industries we serve

SEAtongue has, over the years, earned a reputation in Asia as a provider of specialized technical translation services to a broad diversity of industries, including industrial manufacturing, automotive, consumer electronics, IT/software, and medical/ biotech.

We provide these industrial sectors with technical translation services for a broad range of projects that include;

When it comes to technical content, we pride ourselves on translating a broad diversity of content, including 

Industrial Manufacturing, 

It happens at the best of industrial manufacturing businesses!  They often need to produce multilingual marketing materials before launching their next product overseas or need to have their user manuals translated, or have a contract written and translated into the various languages of suppliers, vendors, distributors, etc. 

Here comes the vital role of SEAtongue to help you grow your business by translating a diversity of industrial manufacturing content, including: 

1. Technical Reports

2. Training Materials

3. User Manuals and Operating Instructions

4. Health and Safety Documents

5. Material Safety Data Sheets


We’re specialized in providing superior translation services to a wide diversity of global auto businesses. Each business in this special industry, with its global reach, needs to partner with the right translation vendor. We, at SEAtongue, are versed in translating a lot of automotive content such as:  

• Parts Catalogs 

• Training Manuals

• Controls and Measurements Reports

• Chassis and Powertrain Development Materials

• Design and Thermodynamics Documents 

Consumer Electronics 

From translating user manuals to marketing materials, we, at SEAtongue, are specialized in helping you present your consumer products product and marketing material to your global clients in their native languages. Our decade of solid experience in this field has made it possible for us to meet the translation and localization requirements of a wide diversity of companies in this internationally growing industry. Our experts are versed in translating a wide range of content including: 

• Safety materials

• Patents and Patent Applications

• Hardware collateral

• Press releases

• Newsletters


In a nutshell, we partner with global software developers and IT businesses to help them reach their global audiences. How? Simply we assist them in creating local versions of their software products and applications that dramatically transform the end-users’ customer experience. Not only graphical user interface, but we also adapt all other elements to cater to the language and cultural requirements of the new target audiences. We format dates and numbers, adapt images and fonts to each country’s local norms ─ and we also translate text! 

Medical Biotech.

When it comes to biotechnology and medical industries, we pride ourselves on providing a type of translation solution that is seamless, integrated and finally helps our clients ─ medical device manufacturers, pharma businesses, healthcare providers, hospitals, etc. ─  to communicate their critical content materials to their global audiences accurately, professionally and in a compelling manner. We translate a wide variety of content, including:

• User Guides for medical software

• Patent applications

• Pharmacovigilance reports

• Patient reports

• Localization of medical software

Technical translation services process

At SEAtongue, we also take pride in implementing one of the most rigorous and productive processes in the entire sector of technical translation services, which comprises the following steps:

1.      You, the customer, send us the technical content that require translation.

2.      We use the text and the other details you provide (including the source language, target language, and deadline) to gain a full understanding of the project.

3.      A project manager is assigned to handle the project and starts with preparing a quote and timeline for the project and sends them to you.

4.      The project manager’s proposal is approved by you.

5.      Upon approval, the technical translators will gain a thorough understanding of your technical materials. If needed, research is conducted.

6.      Translators begin and finish the translation of your technical content ─ with full attention to context and industry-specific terminology.

7.      Your translated work is meticulously reviewed by experts and sent to you for approval or feedback.

8.      Your feedback and input, if any, is done so that the translation may meet your standards and quality requirements.

9.      The project manager will gather all your approved deliverables and ensure that the final project meets your deadline and specifications.

Why SEAtongue?

Recognized by our customers as the industry leader, our clients have been, for more than 12 years, turning to SEAtongue for their technical translation services requirements.

In addition to the accuracy of our technical translation, our translation experts are versed in retaining the spirit and style of our clients’ original documents.

Moreover, the translations we carry out at SEAtongue go through a very rigorous review process to check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style.  

Fully aware that time is money, we’re known for guaranteeing a speedy turnaround for our customers’ technical translations. Importantly, our fast turnaround time is never achieved at the expense of quality.

We offer the most cost-effective technical translations services in Singapore, and our clients turn to us to save money and get top quality at the same time.

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