Technical Translations for Asia

Discover how we can help your technology business to have a strong footprint in the Asian market by providing users a seamless localized experience.

We Choose SEAtongue

SEAtongue takes pride in offering fully integrated, customer-oriented Asian translation and localization services. Our linguists have the necessary technical knowledge that makes your products success all across Asia.

● The technical subject matter is never compromised

○ We provide technical translations for all industries, including software, electronics, IT, e-commerce, digital media, manufacturing, heavy machinery, aviation, defense, etc.

● Software internationalization and localization

○ Make certain your IT product is an international hit by localizing the user interface and documentation for the Asian audience.

● Thorough testing and bug fixing

○ We go further to ensure the finished product is market-ready by running UI and verification testing and correcting bugs.

● ISO 17100 certification benefits

○ Simplifies the interaction with our clients, improves efficiency, increases security and delivers on client expectations.

Southeast Asia’s Digital Economy is Growing Fast

Technology is advancing at a global scale and the demand for high-quality products and software crossing borders. According to a report by Google and Temasek, the digital economy in Southeast Asia is expected to reach $197B by 2025; this and other signs of high demand for technology positions Southeast Asia as a market worth investing in.

How SEAtongue Can Boost Your Competitiveness

● Technical document translations

● Manual translations for consumer electronics, devices, machinery, etc.

● UI and software strings localization

● Linguistic and functional testing for bugs

● Product localization assessment

● Localized version deployment

● Complete e-commerce localization