Only through professional translation services can successful companies communicate their marketing content to their target audiences in local, regional and global markets. So, is Singapore good for business, suitable for attracting investments, and a great market for companies aiming to go global? Let’s see!

Singapore’s economy has been ranked as the most open in the world, the most business-friendly, the third least corrupt. Besides, it has low tax rates (14.2% of gross domestic product) and has the third-highest per-capita GDP in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP).

Therefore, we, at SEAtongue, proud ourselves on using a decade of solid experience, the latest translation technology, and the most rigorous quality assurance system to deliver superior translation services in Singapore that help your company conquer this highly promising market

Professional translation services in Singapore

When your company does business in an open economy like Singapore, teeming with both opportunities and competitions, businesses do not need translation only, but they also seek professional translation. So, what is the difference?

Each member of the professional team of translators at SEAtongue has at least 5 years of solid experience in technical translation services in Singapore that enable him/her to deliver translations that are locally and culturally suitable for the local target audience.

We deliver professional translation services in Singapore for over 357 language pairs, including:

  •       Japanese Translation Services
  •       Chinese Translation Services
  •       Korean Translation Services
  •       Malay Translation Services
  •       Thai Translation Services
  •       Vietnamese Translation Services
  •       Indonesian  Translation Services
  •       Tagalog  Translation Services
  •       Burmese Translation Services
  •       Lao Translation Services
  •       Khmer  Translation Services
  •       Dari Translation Services
  •       Bengali Translation Services
  •       Tamil Translation Services
  •       Gujarati Translation Services
  •       Hindi Translation Services
  •       Kashmiri Translation Services
  •       Malayalam Translation Services
  •       Nepali Translation Services
  •       Marathi Translation Services

Industries we serve

At SEAtongue, we offer various translation services in Singapore to a broad range of industries, including the sectors of industrial manufacturing, automotive, consumer electronics, IT/software, medical biotech and many more. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Industrial manufacturing

Our translators and editors who handle this type of translation have extensive experience in the field that matches the subject matter they translate. As for the types of industrial manufacturing content we translate, they include:

·        Service, maintenance and policy manuals

·        User manuals

·        Technical reports

·        Material safety data sheets

·        Product labeling, packaging, and catalogs

·        Product specs

·        Patents and patent applications

·        Regulatory documentation


When working on your automotive translation projects, our translators aim to help you give your marketing and technical content the best market exposure across Singapore and Asia. We provide translations for a broad range of automotive content, including:

·        Assembly line instructions

·        Vehicle specs

·        Production documents

·        Patents

·        Owner manuals

Consumer electronics

To help you stay ahead of the competition, we provide you with fast and cost-effective professional translation services in Singapore for the following content:

·        Computers & peripherals

·        Household appliances

·        TV & audio equipment

·        Video & digital recording devices

·         GPS & navigation


To understand why our professional IT and software translation is a game-changer, we might ask what your business would lose with poor software or documentation translation? A negative impression on the perception of existing and prospective clients? Maybe. Credibility? Sure.

Therefore, at SEAtongue, only specialists and experts work on translating your IT and software documents, websites and applications in many areas, including:

·        Mobile Phones

·        Internet Access

·        Voice Over IP

·        Voice Mailboxes

·        Video Conferencing

·        Network Connections & Installations

·        Android/ iPhone Applications


To put it simply, our impeccable credentials are the hundreds of contract research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers who rely on us for delivering quality medical translation of such .as:

·        Clinical protocols and clinical protocol synopses

·        Informed Consent Forms (ICF)

·        Clinical Study Agreements and contracts

·        Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)

·        Case Report Forms (CRF)

 Why SEAtongue?

Our clients all over the world trust us and say they choose SEAtongue for the following reasons:

Expert translators

Our team comprises native translators and linguists, so that each project is carried out by country-specific and industry-specific linguists who always deliver professional translation services that exceed the requirements of our clients.

Quick delivery

Due to our experienced team members, our latest translation technology, and our rigorous process, we offer what is described in our industry as SEAtongue’s typical same-day delivery.

Affordable rates

We offer professional translation services at the most affordable prices in Singapore.

Should you aim at entering the vast, promising market of Singapore, 

contact us today for a free quote.