Why Us

The central tenet for any successful translation service practicing in the modern digital world today is to provide a client centered facility which is flexible enough to meet all those requirements with a holistic process. At SEATONGUE we take into account not only linguistic needs (providing native translators which we have in-house), but also knowledge of an industry, software package or specialised knowledge in engineering services or processes.

With over ten years’ experience in the translation industry we have built up a fine network of linguists, translators, partners and associates. Take a look at why our clients come back to us time and time again and how we can offer a superior service:


The quality control measures adopted by SEATONGUE ensure that we go further than simply meeting all the applicable regulatory requirements. By constantly reviewing and monitoring our systems and outcomes, we know our Asian translation services will continue to get better and better and that our loyal clients will continue to receive a superior product.

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Our processes

At SEATONGUE we are particular about ensuring our systems and processes run smoothly and are closely monitored for standards and future streamlining. In fact it is because our processes work so well that it may appear to our customers that our Asian translation services are all a very simple matter. We want it that way – from our clients point of view, whether you are an individual, business or agency, we expect you to find your translation project solved with ease and at competitive prices.

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Project Management

In order to provide the highest quality translation services, each unique assignment is allocated a project manager. The project manager is the interface between the clients and the project team. It is their role to ensure that all the most appropriate and cost-effective resources are utilized for each project, that all our client’s requirements are met, and that the work between all of the team members is coordinated to ensure a timely delivery of quality projects.

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Professional training, sound processes and systems, a dedicated client support and linguistic skills over a range of services, industries and technologies are the essential building blocks of a successful Asian translation company.  What make SEATONGUE unique is we have over 10 years’ experience which we have used to hone and streamline our services.

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To provide truly holistic translation services to our clients we ensure each query and project is client centred and that the linguist has a background in your industry or relevant niche. Clearly in order to translate verbal language or documents that include specific jargon or complex procedures and systems there is a need for the linguist to be able to comprehend that unique industrial environment.

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SEATONGUE is an Asian translation company and a leader in the field of culture localisation and translation. To speak to one of our consultants click here