SEATONGUE is an Asian translation service which can work with almost all businesses and industries throughout the globe. In order to provide a service which can also meet the requirements of translation in various formats such as DTP, engineering and software we are well aware of the fact that linguistic proficiency and skills alone are not enough to create a superior service for our clients.

Localisation and translation services

In nearly all projects we have found that our linguists need a first-hand familiarity with the cultural context of both languages within the language pair. Localisation is therefore imperative and to meet this necessity we will match business goals to provide the most appropriate linguist – in nearly all cases we can provide native translators to match locality or region. Even more than that, all of our linguists are in-house.

Native translation, industry knowledge

To provide truly holistic translation services to our clients we ensure each query and project is client centred and that the linguist has a background in your industry or relevant niche. Clearly in order to translate verbal language or documents that include specific jargon or complex procedures and systems there is a need for the linguist to be able to comprehend that unique industrial environment.

It may also be necessary to take into account the practical capabilities of each linguist. For instance there may be a need for experience in desk top publishing, file preparation, file conversion or the ability to work with QA tools (i.e. Xbench, Trados, Studio QA Checker and QA Distiller etc.). There may also be a need for the linguist to have an understanding of software tools such as Photoshop, Quark, Dreamweaver or Framemaker to name but a few.

It is part of the Project Managers’ and Resource Managers’ role to explore our translator’s capabilities in order to match a translator to your project needs.

Since SEATONGUE established in 2006 we have worked with a variety of high profile brands including:

As can be expected we welcome enquiries from all industries in need of Asian translation services across the globe. Below is a sample list of industries we have recently been working with:

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